Tungsten Carbide Tipped Triple Chip Circular Saw Blade suit Aluminium Cutting by ToughCut

Size: 300mm
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A premium high quality Tungsten Carbide tipped blade to suit Panel Saws.

Are you tired of blades that wear out quickly and struggle to deliver clean cuts? Say goodbye to subpar performance and step up your cutting game with our high-performance Tungsten Carbide Tipped Triple Chip Saw Blade.

  • Tungsten Carbide Tipped
  • Triple Chip
  • Resharpenable

Key Features

  • Premium Tungsten Carbide Tips: Our saw blade is equipped with industrial-grade Tungsten Carbide tips, renowned for their exceptional hardness and wear resistance. Experience longer-lasting sharpness and consistent performance, even after extended use.

  • Triple Chip Grind: The innovative Triple Chip Grind (TCG) design enhances the blade's cutting efficiency and extends its life. The TCG configuration combines alternating flat-top teeth with chamfered teeth, ensuring smooth and precise cuts through a wide range of materials.

  • Versatility at Its Best: Whether you're working with hardwood, softwood, plywood, MDF, or even some non-ferrous metals, this blade can handle it all. Its versatility makes it a go-to choice for both woodworking professionals and hobbyists.

  • Clean and Chip-Free Cuts: The 72 ultra-sharp teeth on our saw blade guarantee a clean finish with minimal splintering or chipping. Achieve professional-level results on your projects, leaving you with clean edges and minimal sanding requirements.

  • 300mm Diameter: With a 300mm (approximately 12 inches) diameter, this blade is perfectly suited for a variety of applications, including cross-cutting and rip-cutting tasks. Its size ensures an ample cutting capacity, accommodating thicker workpieces with ease.

  • 30mm Bore Size: The 30mm bore size makes it compatible with most standard table saws, miter saws, and circular saws available in the market. The precisely machined bore ensures a secure fit and reduced vibration during cutting operations.

  • Robust and Durable: Crafted with premium materials and precision engineering, our Tungsten Carbide Tipped Triple Chip Saw Blade is built to withstand heavy-duty use in demanding woodworking environments.

  • Safety First: The blade features expansion slots that dissipate heat and reduce noise during cutting, as well as anti-kickback shoulders for added safety. Always remember to wear appropriate safety gear when using power tools.

Upgrade your cutting experience with the precision and durability of our Tungsten Carbide Tipped Triple Chip Saw Blade. Whether you're a seasoned professional or a DIY enthusiast, this blade is sure to become an indispensable tool in your workshop.

Please Note: Always handle the blade with care and follow the manufacturer's instructions for proper usage and maintenance. Regularly inspect the blade for signs of wear and replace it when necessary to ensure optimal performance.

Invest in quality and order your 300mm x 30mm x 72T Tungsten Carbide Tipped Triple Chip Saw Blade today! Experience the joy of effortless, clean cuts on all your woodworking projects.

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Tungsten Carbide Tipped Triple Chip Circular Saw Blade suit Aluminium Cutting by ToughCut

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