The TOUGHCUT brand was founded in Perth, Western Australia in 2017 by Tony Mirabile. The TOUGHCUT brand designs, manufactures and markets a range of high quality machinery for wood and other materials for furniture, joiners, cabinet manufacturers and other woodworking manufactures around the globe Inspired by the Western Australian owned "Tough" family brand, which was synoymous with engineering and production of high quality castings, machinery and equipment from 1912 to 1991. Tony decided on producing a range of TOUGHCUT equipment to be better than the best. Tony has used Tough equipment in his own cabinet making shop since 1974 and drawing on his own furniture making skills along with extensive 30 plus years of sourcing and importing equipment from around the globe. Tony has employed this experience and knowledge of markets and preferences, to embody and amplify it in the brand TOUGHCUT. TOUGHCUT represents all of the MIRABILE family values of hard work, dedication strength and commitment.

Western Australia is renowned the world over for its mineral richness-some of the largest natural occurrences of iron ore. Australia is a leading producer of minerals for the world and produces 19 minerals in significant amounts from nearly 400 operating mines. Western Australia provides all the vital ingredients for producing modern, high quality, high tensile metals. Australia is the world's leading producer of bauxite, ilmenite, ironore, rutile and zircon; the second largest producer of gold, lead,lithium, manganese ore and zinc; the third largest producer of uranium; the fourth largest producer of black coal (also the largest exporter), nickel and silver; and the fifth largest producer of cobalt, copper and diamond. TOUGHCUT embodies the Australian robustness,producing modern, high tech professional equipment that embraces design, technology and materials,embellished by over 35 years of knowledge of modern market, from Bauxite to Zircon to Rutile and of course Diamond. TOUGHCUT machinery is the true essence of robust quality machinery.