600mm x 900mm Linear CNC Router with Auto Tool Change OPAZ TCAKM6090C by Toughcut

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The Toughcut TOPAZ CNC Router is designed for the production of custom furniture, cabinet industry, and paneling. The compact yet robust working center is suitable for hobbyists, craftspeople, boutique professional furniture makers, and small workshops.
  • OPERATION CONTROLLER | Mach3 Controller
  • AUTO TOOL CHANGER | 4 Tool Changer for fast tool change and efficiency (no need for manual tool change).
  • DRIVE MOTOR | Leadshine Servo Motor
  • HELICAL GEAR & RACK TRANSMISSION | Good meshing performance, smooth transmission, and low noise reducing the load of each pair of gears and improving the bearing capacity of the gears.
  • SPINDLE | 2.2KW ER20 Motor Cooling ATC Spindle
  • ELECTRONICS | Leadshine Electronics
  • GUIDE RAILS | HIWIN Guide Rails with sliding technology to easily drive the machine and ensure good bearing capacity.


  • Furniture & Wood Processing: wooden doors, chairs, cabinets, stairs, computer tables, sewing machine, musical instruments.
  • Decoration / Craft Industry: Engraving characters/patterns onto gifts, souvenirs, and shaping of acrylic, PVC, MDF, artificial stone, plexiglass, plastic, and copper and aluminum, and other soft metal plate engraving and milling cutting.
  • Advertising / Signage Industry: Engraving and cutting of various labels and signage on materials including marble, brass, steel, and other metallic material.
  • Engraving: Engraving characters, numbers, and other patterns on labels for products directly.
  • Architectural Models: Engraving fine window, fencing, and wall patterns.

Extra Information:

Spindle: 2.2KW, 24000rpm, 400H3, HDL80 - 20 - 2XZ/2.2A

Cut Area:

X = 600.00mm
Y = 900mm
Z = 150.00mm

Auto Tool Measures

Additional Information

CNC Router
Part Number
Technical - Main
Power Source
Power Source
Any source of power which provides the energy required to drive a piece of machinery or equipment and includes, but is not limited to: electrical, steam, hydraulic, water, air, mechanical, radiation, and thermal forms of energy.
240V 50Hz Single Phase
Country of Origin
Designed, Researched & Developed in
Manufactured in
Workshop (Site) Info
Electrical Connection
15Amp Plug & Lead
Packaging + Shipping
Shipping Weight (Gross)
250.48 kg
Requires a Forklift / Tail Lift to Unload
Requires a Forklift / Tail Lift to Unload
If you are ordering an item over 32kg - it will require a forklift or loading dock at the shipping destination. If you do not have these facilities at the shipping destination you will require a tail lift delivery. Please select this optional ADD-ON. Alternatively - you can collect from the depot.
Shipping Notes
This product exceeds hand unloading limits and requires a tail lift truck or forklift at the unloading location (Receivers end). This product requires a skid / pallet / crate in order to safely transport via road.

Optional Accessories

600mm x 900mm Linear CNC Router with Auto Tool Change OPAZ TCAKM6090C by Toughcut

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